Lab Equipment

  ← High voltage kit (generation of AC, DC and impulse voltages)

A high voltage kit, which can generate 3 different types of voltages; AC voltage (max. 200 kV rms, 50 mA, 50 Hz), DC voltage (max. 280 kV, 10 mA) and impulse voltage (280 kV, 1.96 kJ). Suitable for measurement of breakdown voltage of solid, liquid and gas insulation material, partial discharge and studies on lightning overvoltage and protective devices in power system.



Partial discharge measuring equipment

A measurement system which can detect partial discharge (PD) occurrences through electrical pulse in the range of 0 to 20 MHz. Equipped with PC interface and associated software, this equipment provides easy, convenient way to analyse PD data and patterns. Suitable for detecting PD signals of up to 60V peak voltage.



  Tan delta and capacitance measuring equipment

An equipment which can measure the capacitance and tan delta of insulation materials under various applied voltages (max. 280 kV). Suitable for characterisation studies on dielectric materials. Can be used simultaneously with PD measuring equipment.



Oil breakdown strength test equipment

An equipment which can measure oil breakdown strength up to 60 kV. Common test objects are mineral, silicone and transformer oil.



  Soil resistivity and grounding measuring equipment

An equipment which can measure soil resistivity and ground electrode resistance up to 200 kΩ. Common methods used in measurement are Wenner and Schlumberger methods.




A state of the art instrumentation for electrochemical applications. Features available are modularity, impedance analysis and high current applications. Suitable for material characterisation studies, which include electrical conductivity and charge and discharge current.



  64 GB RAM Workstation

A workstation specially allocated for high end simulation software, such as COMSOL Multiphysics software.



Cable fault location equipment

An equipment for cable fault pre-location using the Time Domain Reflection (TDR) method on low, medium and high voltage cables. It can also be used on live cables up to 400 V and cable length from 0 m to 65 km.



  Thermal imager

For observing temperature distribution on electrical devices. Suitable for all measurements of temperature range up to 600°C.



Leakage current monitoring equipment

This leakage current monitoring equipment is suitable to perform analysis and diagnostics on metal oxide arrestors. It is supplied with a special current clip-on transformer designed for the measurement of leakage current.



  Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generator

An equipment which can generate various types of low voltage waveforms. This includes variable frequency and amplitude of sinusoidal, sawtooth and square waveforms, DC waveforms and customised arbitrary waveform.



Digital Storage Oscilloscope

A fully featured multi-purpose oscilloscope, a dedicated logic analyser for mixed signal design, and a protocol analyser for serial data debug. The bandwidth is 2.5 GHz and the sample rate is up to 40 GS/s.



  High Voltage Power Amplifier

A high voltage power amplifier which can output a 0 to ±20 kV DC or peak AC with a current range of 0 to ±20 mA DC or peak AC. A non-inverting amplifier with a fixed gain of 2000 V/V. Suitable for characteristic studies and accelerated life-testing of dielectric insulation materials.



Vacuum oven

A vacuum & atmosphere drying oven installed with gas inlet, precision flow-meter with vacuum pump´╝î which allows the gas purging, gas mixing under desired pressure level and continuous inert gas flowing.  The working temperature is up to 200oC.



  ← High Voltage Voltmeter Kit

A high voltage voltmeter kit which can measure up to 80 kV with add-on resistors for AC and DC applied voltage. Suitable to be used for voltage calibration purpose and voltage measurement in laboratories.



Ultrasonic Cleaner

An ultrasonic cleaner capable of cleaning solvent up to 3 litres using ultrasound at 40 kHz. The temperature range is 20°C - 80°C between 1 to 60 minutes at 120W.


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