The lab is equipped with some state of the arts equipment commonly used in high voltage engineering. Among important equipment available are high voltage kit (generation of AC, DC and impulse voltages), partial discharge testing and measuring equipment, soil resistivity and grounding measuring equipment, oil breakdown strength test equipment, potentiostat / galvanostat, tan delta and capacitance measuring equipment, leakage current measuring system, cable fault location equipment, thermal imager and workstation.



Research group


A group associated with the UMHVL is the UM High Voltage Research Group (UMHVRG). The group currently consists of 3 academic staffs, 7 research assistant-postgraduate students and 2 postgraduate students. The number of members in the group is expected to grow from time to time. The UMHVL and HVRG are led by Associate Professor Ir. Dr. Hazlee Azil Illias, who is currently an academic staff of the Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Malaya. The lab is also co-supervised by Professor Ir. Dr. Hazlie Mokhlis from the Department of Electrical Engineering and Professor Ir. Dr. Ab Halim Abu Bakar from University of Malaya Power Energy Dedicated Advance Centre (UMPEDAC).


The University of Malaya High Voltage Laboratory (UMHVL) was initially set up in November 2011 in the Department of Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, University of Malaya, Malaysia. However, the lab is only fully operational since February 2014 when majority of the main equipment were successfully installed and ready for service.

The UMHVL serves as a teaching and research lab in the Department of Electrical Engineering. A taught course and lab experiments associated with the lab are provided to undergraduate and postgraduate students. The lab also serves as a training centre, hosts seminars and provides consultation and professional services in the field of high voltage engineering.



Research interests


The main research activities in the UMHVL include modelling and measurement of partial discharge phenomena, soil resistivity and grounding, lightning phenomena, condition monitoring on high voltage cable insulation, corona rings, insulator strings and surge arresters, dielectric material characterisations, oil insulation and tan delta measurement. The applications of optimisation and artificial intelligence techniques in high voltage engineering are also actively explored. The research areas are expected to expand with time.





The UMHVL is now offering testing and consultation services to industries and academic institutions at affordable price! For more information on the testing services that we are offering, please visit our “Facilities” page. For more information on consultation services that we are offering, please visit our “Research interests” page. For more information on the price or any other inquires, please contact the Head of UMHVL, Associate Professor Ir. Dr. Hazlee Illias at h.illias@um.edu.my.